BA and Graduate work, University of Calif, Berkeley

Vallejo, CA

Travel Radius: 25 miles

My teaching philosophy is that learning should be an intense and, at the same time, an enjoyable experience. I want to see your eyes alert, your mouth smiling, and your brain working! I emphasize English studies here because that is what most calls for my services have been.


I have over 30 years of experience as a technical writer and have been tutoring students for several years now. I have recently been certified as an English tutor by the County of Solano in California. For studies in other areas of my expertise, my philosophy is the same: education should always be absorbing, challenging and at the same time an enjoyable experience. When we work together for any reason, our work is centered around current class material, a text book and quizzes to measure progress and, perhaps more importantly, to evaluate strengths and weaknesses.


 What does a technical writer bring to tutoring? The ability to separate out and focus on the essential, to organize written material effectively, and a clarity in communication that results from years of trying to make the difficult easy to understand. In my case, I also have taught Sunday school (4th and 6th grade) and tutored youngsters in French and English.


 For students looking to tutoring to help prepare them for any exam, the big question is: when are you planning to take the exam? The answer to this question and your skill level when we start on our journey together helps determine how often tutoring sessions are needed.


 If you are getting ready to take an English exam, I will work with you in all aspects of using English: reading, writing, listening and speaking, as needed. Together, we could complete a thorough review of English grammar and usage. One of my students who had failed the TOEFL exam, passed very successfully the first time he took the exam after studying with me and has now successfully completed studying for a Masters Degree at the Philadelphia School of Music. I am ready to help you prepare for SAT Reading and Writing, as well.


 For those not within driving distance, we can work successfully using the Internet and cams. As a native San Franciscan, I am used to driving up and down the West Coast and across the bay. I have tutored in Sausalito, Walnut Creek, San Leandro, Pinole and Pleasant Hills and am comfortable traveling anywhere within a 30 mile radius. All travel costs are included in my hourly fee.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

English Grammar

Reading and Writing

Preparation for English portions of ACT, SAT

TOEFL preparation


Helpful Tutor


Louis taught me symbols for marking mistakes in writing. Louis goes in depth when proofreading essays and explains why it is a mistake. Louis helped me proofread my essay to where my sentences made sense.


Louis is prepared, very responsive, accommodating and helpful


Very grateful to have Louis tutor my son with a last minute review for the English part of the SAT. He had worksheets, a computer, and ideas on the best way to review for the test. My son said he felt more prepared than he would have if he had tried this review on his own.


Knowledgeable Tutor


Lots of experience. Was able to hone in on the issues to be worked at quite quickly (e.g. trilling of R, occasional mashup of words, vocabulary etc.) and offer quick solutions (e.g. v"owl" instead of "vow-elle").


Very knowledgeable and informative tutor


I have been enjoying my tutor sessions so far, learning about many different perspectives of politics. Louis is very informative and has a high range of knowledge of other areas besides politics. I would highly recommend him as a tutor.