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Back To High School Tips

Nothing ruins a summer vacation quite like those pesky back to school ads (wasn’t it July like yesterday?) but yes, it is that time of year season. We know that the start of another school year can come with a lot of emotions, ranging from excitement to stress, but we at Brightbird are here to ease that transition! Check out our list of the tops tips for tackling this upcoming school year.

1)Talk with Your Teachers

Establishing a good relationship with your teachers is critical to a successful school year. Talk to them ahead of time about any questions or concerns you have regarding the class and workload. See if you can donate anything to their classroom wish list or volunteer your time to help out with passing out papers or cleaning the classroom. Remember, when college/scholarship season rolls around and recommendation letters are required, you’ll want your teachers to remember you as the bright, helpful student you are!

2) Plan, Plan, and Plan Some More

Like many other students, you’re probably very familiar with the school year resolutions to stay organized, up to date, and use that planner your mom gave you...only to find yourself halfway through the semester drowning in upcoming deadlines. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. With colleges putting the emphasis on well-rounded students, there’s more pressure than ever to be busy- and if you aren’t keeping track of your schedule, you can quickly fall behind. If the traditional day of the week planners aren’t for you, try your hand at DIYing your own planner (bullet journaling, anyone?) Of course, in the digital age, there are countless apps that promise to keep you on track (for our roundup of the best apps for students, check out The Best 10 Study Apps). Google calendar is another easy yet effective method for keeping track of your schedule. It’s almost as if it knows to send you reminders right when you log into Netflix…

3) Stick with a Schedule

Did you know that 60% of what we do every day is based on habits? Although we may not realize it, habits control a huge chunk of our lives, so you may as well make them work in your favor. A new school year is the perfect time to set up a productive school routine, whether it’s eating a nutritious breakfast each morning, doing your homework at the same time every night, or creating a bedtime routine to get you in bed and asleep at a decent hour. Before you know it, you’ll be drinking smoothies, completing assignments, and dozing before dusk without any conscious effort on your part!

4) Pursue a Passion

You’ve probably heard from countless parents, teachers, coaches, and mentors (and us, too!) that colleges are after well rounded students. While this is true, it doesn’t mean you should start signing up for every play, sport, and club just yet. Being involved in extracurriculars is critical in today’s competitive college admissions process, but schools tend to look for quality, not quantity. Being involved in a lot of different pursuits is great, but finding a passion early on and pursuing it throughout your academic career is impressive-and exactly what colleges are looking for. Studies show that students that stick with extracurriculars long-term, and gain leadership positions in these areas, are looked upon more favorably by admissions officers than those that join a bunch of clubs or sports for only a short time.

5) Be Aware of Self-Care

Between school, extracurricular, jobs, and family, it’s easy for self-care to fall to the bottom of our list of priorities. It’s a mistake that many of us make, especially in a fast-paced society that emphasizes the importance of being busy All. The. Time. Don’t get us wrong, there is definitely some merit to keeping a full schedule; but without time for yourself, the benefits can get lost. Focus on eating satisfying, nutritious meals whenever possible (McDonald’s Breakfast Platters and Taco Bell before practice don’t count, unfortunately). If you’re not involved in any sports, take time to be active, whether it’s walking your dog every day or hiking with friends or family on the weekends. Make sure you’re getting adequate sleep, and make time for a hobby that you really, truly enjoy, whether it’s art, yoga, or music. When life gets really stressful, do your best to put your emotional and physical health first, or talk to a friend, trusted staff member, or family member about how you’re feeling. Remember, no homework assignment, playoff game, audition, or event is worth sacrificing your mental health over.

At Bright Bird Tutoring, we strive to make learning fun. Through one on one tutoring, tailored, customizable lessons, and a contagious passion to help you learn, you are guaranteed to succeed with our tutors! Check us out at, and on Facebook at Bright Bird Tutoring Co.

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