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Volunteer Tutor]

BS in Biology & MA in Business

Vallejo, CA + Marin County

Volunteer Tutor

Travel Radius: 30 miles

I have a BA in molecular biology and marine sciences from the UC system. I also have an MA in Organizational  psychology. I use both degrees a lot in helping students. I originally volunteered for literacy tutoring but then switched to math, science, English and history. I really enjoy tutoring young people and get a lot of satisfaction from seeing them overcome obstacles and become  bright birds! I have over 20 years in the private sector biotech and energy as well but decided to begin teaching 10 years ago. I love the tutoring experience!

Basic Math


Algebra l



Basic Science

Basic English

All French


"After many failed attempts of trying to pass the mathematics portion of the CAHSEE (high-school exit exam) I found myself losing all hope. This exam was the only thing holding me back from receiving my diploma and, walking the stage with my fellow classmates. I’ve always been the type of person that enjoyed doing things on my own because others always seem to complicate the material even more for me. When I met Heather the first time I automatically was drawn to her energetic and light-hearted energy. I didn’t know what to expect when it came to her teaching method so I was a bit skeptical. Every time I met with Heather she really explained the material really well and always made sure I understood it before moving on to the next topic. Throughout the days when we didn’t meet she would keep in contact making sure I had studied the material. After a couple weeks I had completely understood the material everything seemed to be getting easier and easier. When I got my CAHSEE results I had passed it, I called her right away and let her know how extremely ecstatic I was feeling. I can’t tell you how much Heather has helped me. She has given me the confidence to go out there and achieve things that I never even thought I could. I definitely recommend Heather  if you’re looking for someone who is willing to listen, be patient, motivate you and teach you the material until you completely understand it."


-Genevieve Mancha


"Heather provided me with tutoring for GED math . She is very talented at her job because she is very flexible with her students and also really knows how to break down the problems to help you get the fastest solution and that's very important Especially for students like me who really struggle with math. I would recommend her to anyone who needs any help with math."


-Sheanna Cooper


"I have a good tutor. She teaches me very well and also help me how to read and write. She make me understand my homework. Then she makes sure that I come to class everyday. My tutor is a good teacher that I ever met. She lovely, she nice and kind. Since I met her I became a blessed girl. Because of her I learn many things. When I first met her I don't know how to read and write, but when she became my tutor then I start reading and writing. I love my tutor because she patience."


-Victoria Toe (recently moved from Africa to America)


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