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"My daughter needed math support in middle school last year and Heather Cline stepped up to be her tutor and a terrific mentor and support for my daughter. She is very kind and patient and explains the work clearly for students. She has been a key addition to my daughters grades improving and her learning skyrocketing. Bright Bird tutors meet your needs, schedule and support the student whole heartedly. Use Heather Cline as your resource to finding the right tutor for you or a family or friend's needs. I cannot emphasize enough, the positive response and dedication she has given to her students. We are very happy to still have her with our daughter as she enters high school, and we plan to maintain this tutoring schedule as long as necessary, through her educational years."


-Lori M.


​"I've never been the greatest in mathematics. I have always struggled during exam/quizzes. The high school exit exam was probably one of my biggest struggles I swear to you I must have taken it nine times and failed miserably. This was such a disappointment considering this dictated my future and was my only resort to graduate high school.

I gave up eventually but my mother determined to get me on with my life hired Alane Cline as my tutor. I was skeptical at first because I've had many tutors in the past that just didn't work out. Alane's such a charismatic individual, understanding, and patient. We met once a week for tutoring lessons she was always prepared and always I mean always had homework for you (which is a good thing considering we have to maintain learning the material)

I had taken the test again and failed by 2 points I told Alane and we worked even harder she was so determined and pushed me and reminded me to keep on studying and never give up. I took it the next time took my time with it and this time I felt good turning my exam in. I was scared to get the results since I always failed I waited two months I was avoiding the results but one day I got the courage to just go and find out.... and guess what?! The counselor said "We've had your diploma sitting here for 2 months!" I was so astonished and just so content!

I called Alane right away! and I swear she sounded even more excited than me! It was such an amazing feeling! I can't tell you how much Alane has helped me she's much more than a tutor but she's a mentor she wants you to have a bright future and never give up on your dreams she makes you feel like nothing is impossible you just have to work hard for it.

She also tutored my younger sisters that just transitioned to high school and they are doing such an outstanding job academically wise thanks to Alane.



-Genevieve M.


"I worked for Bright Bird Tutoring over the summer and it was very rewarding and accommodating. The students and families I worked with were wonderful! As a student the job was very understanding of my schedule as well, which was awesome because I was taking summer classes at the same time. If you're looking for a job that is fulfilling and flexible, I recommend working for them! Also, the owners of the company are such lovely people :]"


-Angelica A.


"We just used this service for a couple of months while my daughter was studying for a very important math final. Heather was amazing and very patient and kind and really helped her understand basic formula's which were so hard for her before! I highly recommend this service!"


-Ladonnakay W.


"Excellent tutoring service.  Highly recommended company.  We have used this tutoring service for close to two years.  We can not say enough great things about Heather and our overall experience.  Our daughter needed Algebra tutoring a few days per week and needed a plan for closing holes in her math skills and strengthening weak areas.  With Heather's skilled guidance, we were able to make great improvements in our daughter's skill set, performance and general confidence in math.  Heather is such a knowledgeable, patient and caring tutor and worked so well with our family.  She is not only our go-to math tutor but a friend that we can discuss the educational needs of our child with and know that she has a genuine desire to help her succeed."


-Anthony F.


"After many failed attempts of trying to pass the mathematics portion of the CAHSEE (high-school exit exam) I found myself losing all hope. This exam was the only thing holding me back from receiving my diploma and, walking the stage with my fellow classmates. I’ve always been the type of person that enjoyed doing things on my own because others always seem to complicate the material even more for me. When I met Heather the first time I automatically was drawn to her energetic and light-hearted energy. I didn’t know what to expect when it came to her teaching method so I was a bit skeptical. Every time I met with Heather she really explained the material really well and always made sure I understood it before moving on to the next topic. Throughout the days when we didn’t meet she would keep in contact making sure I had studied the material. After a couple weeks I had completely understood the material everything seemed to be getting easier and easier. When I got my CAHSEE results I had passed it, I called her right away and let her know how extremely ecstatic I was feeling. I can’t tell you how much Heather has helped me. She has given me the confidence to go out there and achieve things that I never even thought I could. I definitely recommend Heather  if you’re looking for someone who is willing to listen, be patient, motivate you and teach you the material until you completely understand it."


-Genevieve Mancha


"I have a good tutor. She teaches me very well and also help me how to read and write. She make me understand my homework. Then she makes sure that I come to class everyday. My tutor is a good teacher that I ever met. She lovely, she nice and kind. Since I met her I became a blessed girl. Because of her I learn many things. When I first met her I don't know how to read and write, but when she became my tutor then I start reading and writing. I love my tutor because she patience."


-Victoria Toe (recently moved from Africa to America)


"Heather provided me with tutoring for GED math . She is very talented at her job because she is very flexible with her students and also really knows how to break down the problems to help you get the fastest solution and that's very important Especially for students like me who really struggle with math. I would recommend her to anyone who needs any help with math."


-Sheanna Cooper


"Love this service.

My daughter in high school is struggling in math, Heather jumped on board and was very skilled and patient knowledgeable and flexible went out of her way to help reach my daughter and find the best way for her to grasp algebra concepts

Heather and Azucena one of her other tutors teamed up and have really helped my daughter stay current with homework and tests she could not have done without them"

- Janine G.


Heather Cline has been our son Jason Harper's tutor for over 2 years. When we first contacted her, Jason was failing in 3 classes and getting C's and D's in the rest. Heather worked patiently with Jason, and his grades improved dramatically.
During this period he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. He struggled, but Heather never gave up. She pushed him, tracked his grades on "PowerSchool" and stayed on top of his progress. She was able to turn him around and improve his grades to "Honor Roll" level.
Jason's mom, Sheila, and I couldn't be more grateful for all the hard work Heather has done to not only get him on the Honor Roll, but keep him there.
We would recommend Heather to anyone that wants to get the best out of their child.

Rod Harper


"We'd like to recommend Alane Cline. My daughter had her as a tutor and she was a very good teacher . She was friendly and very happy. She is very professional and respectful. Overall she does her tutoring job very well. She is always on time. She really puts time and effort with her students. She is very good with kids. I did not regret having her as my daughters tutor because she gets the job done well. Overall, she had a good connection with her students and puts her all into helping them. Best tutor around!"


-Tony S.


"My son has been tutoring with Bright Bird for 3 years now and has greatly improved in every category of school! When we started working together with Heather in 2015 my son had a C average and now is an A and occasional B student. Heather is very flexible when asked to work on troubled areas in different subjects throughout the year. I am very impressed on her well rounded knowledge and the rest of the staff when we hit a slight road block. Also there is always someone qualified to take her place in her absence (vacation). I have worked with other tutors in the past and I have to say the communication with Heather is by far better than others. If there's something we hadn't touched basis on I will receive a text or call just to make sure nothing was missed showing she cares for her clients. I can go on and on about how good of a company Bright Bird is but to me you have to experience it to see how well things work with them.."


-John F.


"Heather has been our son's tutor for about 5 months. She truly has a great passion for helping her students learn.  Her teaching style is all about positive reinforcement and making students think on their own. She made our son understand the math instead of just memorizing it. My husband and I have been completely happy with the progress and confidence she has built up in our son. She goes above and beyond your ordinary tutor!! We would recommend her to any of our family or friends who's child may be struggling. Thank you Heather!"


-The Wahids


"We had Heather as a math tutor for our daughter Liza and were very happy with the easy , friendly and supportive way she tutored math.  The tutoring sessions were very helpful and the result in the final math grade was an A.  What else can you wish for.
Heather was always on time and flexible if we needed to re-schedule our set day and  time.
Thank you so much for being there for us every time we needed you.
The Schoen Family, Novato CA"


-Andrea S.


​"Our experience with Bright Bird Tutoring has been absolutely wonderful!  Our 8th grade daughter had been struggling in mathematics, and needed on and off help with other subjects as well.  Heather assessed the situation and immediately began implementing a plan of action.  We noticed an immediate improvement in not only mathematics, but in all of her subjects.  Heather even went so far as to monitor her grades via the Power School system, and then directs her attention where necessary.  She provides constant contact and feedback regarding the tasks they have completed each night, and stays in touch via email and text when necessary.  Our expectations for a tutor had been set fairly low due to previous experiences, however Heather has really gone above and beyond what we could have ever imagined.  Not only does our daughter have excellent grades, but our overall relationship has greatly improved as we do not spend every night arguing about homework.  We could not ask for more out of our experience with Bright Bird, and are so thankful that we were able to find them!  Thank you Bright Bird, and thank you so much Heather!" 


-Angela Leja


"After going through 2 previous tutors for our 11 yr. old son and still struggling with a “C” average, we found Heather. Hallelujah!!  I would like to take a moment to say that she has been wonderful. She has built a great communication base with our son. They are now working hard toward a “B+” average. Heather has shown us the kind of qualities you want in a tutor. She checks his grades on-line to determine what subjects our son needs to work on. She communicates with his teachers for their input as well as making it fun for him to learn. Also, and most important, she keep us informed of his progress and what needs work. We have actually recommended Heather to a number of Jason’s classmates and teammates and would recommend Heather to anyone that may need that extra little push."


-Rod & Sheila Harper


"Working one on one after school with a tutor has help me pass numerous test, basic math an also high exit exam math, tutor are great for those of you student who are struggling with homework or maybe class assignment."


-Florence Lloyd


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