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Physics B.S, Mathematics B.A from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Berkeley, CA

Travel Radius: 20 miles

I'd like to think I'm someone who's learned quite a bit about the learning process by being a physics major the last four years. Also, I've learned a lot of lessons about teaching outside of school through coaching Olympic Weightlifting. I've come to realize that teaching requires someone who can bridge the gap between knowing "X" and not knowing "X" which means that you not only need to know information, but more importantly you need to know how to communicate it in a way that works. That's what I learned from coaching Olympic Weightlifting. The movements are highly technical with many things happening all at once. I've learned that there's many different ways in which these lifts are taught/communicated to lifters but what's more important is the result, that they can do the lift correctly. The destination is a similar definite thing which is them understanding or not understanding (more or less), but there's many different ways to get there. That's the case with weightlifting and I've been applying that to my tutoring by being diligent to always try and meet the student on a similar level and lead them on a path to understand something that I feel is going to work for them. I don't think anything I said was particularly novel, it's just how I've come to understand what it takes to teach.

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